Examine key leadership concepts.

Purpose The purpose of this discussion is to create active engagement by students with the topic of the
leader in the leadership process development thereby strengthening their understanding of the
material and continuing to build community in the class.

You will be measured both on the quality of your initial response to subject matter as well as
your response to your peers. The discussion board is not a place to regurgitate information, but
to process it within the context of your experiences or prior knowledge. Processing multiple
perspectives is a great way to gain broader understanding. Do not be surprised to find wisdom
from the experiences of your peers.

This discussion board aligns with the following module outcomes
 Examine key leadership concepts.
 Differentiate the various approaches to leadership.
 Apply leadership concepts in their own lives.
 Analyze the use of leadership concepts by others.
Initial Post How do gender and emotions interact for leaders? Provide one example of a character from
popular media (e.g., a movie, a TV show, a novel) for whom her or his own gender and own
emotions worked together to impact whether the character was a successful (i.e., able to
influence) or unsuccessful (i.e., unable to influence) leader.

1. Name the character.
2. Provide brief background information on whom the character was trying to influence
and what was intended influence.
3. Tell whether the influence attempt was or was not successful.
4. Using material from assigned readings, explain the impact of gender and emotions on The outcome.

Instructions: Utilize this module’s assigned content as well as other theoretical, empirical, or professional
literature and or sources to support your views and writings. Your initial post should be
submitted as an essay. Depending on the succinctness of your writing style, 250-500 words
should be necessary to fully explore the issues raised (Note: This is just a guide). Use proper
citations with properly formatted references in your post.

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