. Examine the criteria used to evaluate your assignment to find out how to get the highest grade for your work.

After reading the lecture content, material, and resources, identify which type of research design it is and explain why.
1. You want to study the relationship between smoking and stomach cancer.
2. An investigator discovers that some social workers at the X Clinic have decided to try a new therapy for courage, while others treating similar patients have chosen to follow standard protocol.
3. A researcher measures the effectiveness of therapy for people with alcohol problems. Use a 300 sample of drivers and look at the statistical relationship between this variable and the number of traffic tickets drivers have received.
4. A researcher randomly assigns half of the patients at a mental health clinic to receive new medication for depression. The other half of the patient receives the standard prescriiption for depression.
General Instructions for the Discussion Forum:
1. Post your answer as established by your instructor on the course calendar. Your comments must be written in your own words. You can offer examples and quotes to support your proposals. Citations of other authors must be properly documented (author’s name, title, date, etc.).
3. Remember that your work must be original and not contain material copied from books or the internet. You must respect the intellectual property of the authors and not commit plagiarism.
4. Examine the criteria used to evaluate your assignment to find out how to get the highest grade for your work. The assignments are graded or evaluated through rubrics or the distribution of points.
5. Before submitting your entry, read your message several times. This will ensure that it contains the exact information you want to communicate.
Submission Instructions:
· Contribute a minimum of 300 words to the initial post. It should include at least two (2) academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.

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