What are the obstacles in the way of your character getting what they want?

This assignment has two parts:
Part 1: Objectives and Obstacles
Answer the two following prompts in 2- 3 sentences each.
Objectives: What do I want? What does your character want immediately? What do they want overall?
Obstacles: What is in my way? What are the obstacles in the way of your character getting what they want? What are the immediate obstacles in the monologue? What are the overall obstacles in the play?

Part 2: Tactics
Type out your monologue and insert tactics in brackets before each sentence or phrase.
You will find a list of possible tactics in the course resources block on the eClass. You are not limited to the tactics on this list but if you decide to create your own remember to use active verbs that are playable.
Never repeat a tactic.
Remember, tactics are what your character does to get what they want. When in doubt, ask yourself what your character is fighting for and then find a tactic that will help them get it.
Choose tactics that are dynamic and sometimes unpredictable

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