What can Coach Edwards do to identify a suitable program that her boss would be comfortable approving?

Consider a real-world, practical problem within your field or discipline that could be addressed by applying evidence-based practice. In considering an appropriate problem, think about topics within your discipline or program of study that interest or intrigue you on a personal or professional level. Discuss the problem in one to two paragraphs. Some examples of problems, by discipline, are listed below as a guide.

Include a paragraph or two to explain your interest in this particular problem or practical issue. Keep in mind that in you will be converting the problem or topic you formulate in this paper into a researchable question next week, using the PICO, PICOT or similar methodology, to guide your systematic review of the literature required for your Final Paper.

Please use the following examples to assist you in identifying and composing a unique and appropriate problem on your own. Do not select from the list below in formulating your discussion response; the key is to use your own interests and creativity to formulate a problem that aligns with your own program of study.


Ph.D., Organizational Development & Leadership: Jane Smith, a manager of a customer service department at a large mortgage company, is having a difficult time retaining employees in her department. The average turnover rate for employees in her department is 10 months. At first, Jane attributed this high turnover rate to the nature of the job. However, after speaking with managers of similar departments from two competitor mortgage companies, Ms. Smith discovers that the turnover rate in her department is 10 times higher than in similar departments at other mortgage companies. Upon further investigation, Ms. Smith finds a credible study in a business journal indicating that the average turnover rate in similar departments across the U.S. is 8 times lower than at her company. Ms. Smith would like to improve retention among her employees by applying evidence-based management practices. How should she begin?

Ph.D., Human Services: Jason Jones works for his local county health department and is in charge of allocating county funding to local programs that aim to prevent suicide. There are seven agencies in his county that approach suicide prevention in different ways. Jason wants to ensure that he allocates funding to agencies that employ prevention initiatives aligned with evidence-based research. How should Jason go about determining which agencies to fund and which agencies not to fund?

Psy.D., Sports & Performance Management: Deborah Edwards coaches basketball for Daisy University. Lately she notices that her team’s performance has dwindled. Several of her team members have approached her individually with complaints about her coaching style. Coach Edwards wants to improve her coaching style in the hopes that her team’s performance also improves. One night she sees an infomercial on television about a new coach training program called, Kickstart. Ms. Edwards is impressed with the Kickstart training program and approaches her boss to request university funding to attend a two-week coach training in the Kickstart method. However, her boss is not convinced that the Kickstart program is effective and would rather she identify an evidence-based coaching training program instead. What can Coach Edwards do to identify a suitable program that her boss would be comfortable approving?

Psy.D Health & Wellness: Harrold Dykstra works as a counselor in a community mental health center. Three of his clients are struggling with symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and he would like to use group therapy to help facilitate his clients’ progress. Harrold wants to offer therapy and coping skill development sessions in a group format, but isn’t sure what topics to cover in his groups, how long his groups should last, or what skills are best delivered in a group setting to effectively treat PTSD. What should Harrold do to find evidence-based approaches to help inform his own group program components?

Ph.D. Educational Leadership: Ms. Brenda Johnson, a third-grade general education teacher in a rural public-school setting of central Kansas, is concerned about the reading comprehension skills of a number of her students. In particular, she has noticed that some of her students with speech and learning disabilities struggle the most. She wants to find an EBP to help improve skills for this particular group. What can Ms. Johnson do to find evidence-based practices to inform her teaching approach?

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