What is it: A cover letter specifically tailored to the job ad you posted in the discussion board.

What is it: A cover letter specifically tailored to the job ad you posted in the discussion board

Purpose: The purpose of the cover letter is to present your credentials and argument for being a person qualified and interested in the position so that you make it to the interview.

Goals: Persuasion

To build a positive image of your qualifications
To show you have researched the company and analyzed the job ad extensively based on the information from in-class lecture, examples, and activities
To convince the hiring manager/HR person/computer that you should be met with for an interview
For this submission, you will submit your final cover letter after incorporating the feedback from your peers.
Assignment Instruction:
Tasks: Your cover letter should engage the following:

You are to respond to the job listing you posted on the discussion board and create a cover letter for the position.
You should not create a “form” cover letter or resume. You need to understand how to compose the cover letter to meet specifics from the job ad.
A Good cover letter “shows” as opposed to “tells,” so focus on incorporating 1-2 of the short narratives you created in the short assignment this week.
Format: Cover letters have a specific format. You can review this week’s video and the material in chapter 10 of the textbook for ideas of how to format the letter and its contents. You should NOT use a template from Word or available online. These are often thrown into the trash without being read by hiring managers. However, you should remember the format you use for the cover letter, as your resume should match in style and font choices.

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