A kid who was into cars since he was little then goes on to becoming a highwayrobber

Name: Nicholas Hernandez

Death of friend: Bruce tekovik dies due to the truck swaying back and forth which ends up shaking him off and crashing into a road barriers.

Origin: He grew up in a very affluent road In Santa Monica los angeles. He was born in august 29, 1968

Important details: His father Giovanni Hernandez died in a car accident on october 14, 1971. Leaving Nicholas to be with his mother who he loved dearly until she died on june 17, 1982. Leaving Nicholas behind with all this money but nothing to show for it.

Background story : Nicholas found his true passion at 12 years old the day his father pulled into the driveway with a brand new 1970 dodge charger modified to the teeth. From that moment on all NIcholas could think about was getting his license.

Personality/ traits:
Nicholas is a big risk taker
doesn’t back down to a challenge
Has a need for speed
Is very loyal and thoughtful to his close friends

Family life/ friends:
None of his direct family is alive all he has to remember his family by is his necklace with a picture of his father and him in front of the charger which is his most prized possession besides his cars and his friends
He and his two friends Bruce Tekovik, and Axel Bjorn have been friends since childhood and all grew up together with a bleeding passion for fast cars.

Their goal at the end of the day is to robb the Jp.Morgan armored cash transport truck. You may wonder how? Since they got older they started an illegal car modification facility in los angeles and they’ve used these heavily modified vehicles to do heists like this regularly. But this, this is more than just your average heist this is the biggest take home pay so far of an estimated 20,000,000 dollar

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