Compare and contrast contemporary theories and strategies of policing in America.

Compare and contrast contemporary theories and strategies of policing in America.
Explain the purpose and function of the correctional system in the U.S.
Describe the purpose and function of the courts system in the U.S.
Compare and contrast theories of crime and offending that are commonly accepted in the field of criminal justice.
Apply critical thinking, reasoning, and analytical skills required for ethical decision-making and problem solving in criminal justice.
Demonstrate knowledge of ethical principles, laws, and standards of professional conduct applicable to the criminal justice system.
Apply management, administrative, and leadership skills appropriate to a criminal justice agency.
The overall purpose of this capstone research project is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate many of the proficiencies you have developed during your entire program of study. You will be required to research and analyze a criminal justice organization as well as write a fifteen page paper that report the findings of your agency analysis. This capstone project paper reflects 50% of your Capstone grade. Therefore, you should expect to spend 50% of your time, or approximately 45-50 hours on this assignment. Use the following Paper Requirements and Mandatory Headings as a guide for your writing.

The capstone project assignment has six parts, which build upon each other. Your professor will give you feedback as you progress through different parts of the capstone paper. Be sure to use this feedback to improve your paper and final presentation.

This is Part 3 of your capstone research project. You must have completed Part 1: Capstone Research Project from Unit 1 and Part 2: Capstone Research Project from Unit 4 in order to complete this assignment. Use any feedback from your professor to improve your paper.

For this part of the capstone research project, you are required to develop a full outline of your capstone paper that reflects agency information gathered and integrated with relevant course materials. Use the following Paper Requirements and Mandatory Headings as a guide for your paper outline. Make sure you include topic headings and have all information required of you included in the paper outline. Again, you should apply course materials that are applicable to your analysis.

Note: As you work on your capstone research project paper, remember that you are not merely restating facts, but critically exploring them within the context of your prior course work and analytical abilities. This analysis should integrate relevant course materials including those from Introduction to Criminology, Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, Criminal Justice Management and Administration and Ethics in the Criminal Justice System. In addition, it should integrate prior learning outcomes from system-specific courses. The particular course will depend on the agencies placement within the criminal justice system and its mission and stakeholders.

Please utilize Franklin University writing resources, including tutors who will review drafts and make suggestions. Note: Franklin University offers writing tutors for review and evaluation. Please visit the Learning Commons Links to an external site.for more information.

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