Describe the argument to be addressed in your persuasive essay.

The subject of my paper is government regulations in business. It’s a persuasive writing essay in which I am trying to argue my case while providing information for the counter argument. My stance on the subject is that businesses need to be regulated in order to stay honest to both their employees and consumers and so that they can be held accountable for their actions should they not. This is an English 2 paper that is leading up to a final project. I will attach my previous assignment for context along with the sources I have gathered. If you find other sources for both my argument and the counter argument, please do so through Google scholar.

In this course, you will write a persuasive essay. Creating a writing plan is a major step in the process of writing your persuasive essay. A good writing plan will help you form your argument, determine your audience, pick evidence to support your key points, and organize the structure of your essay.

Use this writing plan to gather your thoughts and determine your strategy for writing your persuasive essay. This process will allow you to develop a potential structure for effectively communicating and supporting your claim. Additionally, this plan will help keep your thought processes on track when you begin writing and revising your essay.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Writing Plan

Describe the argument to be addressed in your persuasive essay. Explain how the argument relates to your major, the major you are considering pursuing, or your field of work.
Ensure that your topic is debatable. Are you able to see at least two perspectives to this argument?
Identify the potential challenges you may encounter in supporting your argument with a specific audience.
First, state the audience you will be writing to.
Then address the challenges of supporting your argument with this audience.
Establish a goal that you hope to accomplish with this essay. What will this essay need to successfully meet your goal?
Determine three key points that will be helpful in supporting your argument and provide rationale.
Provide a brief description of at least two sources that support the key points of your argument.
First, list the authors and the titles of each source. These sources may be books or articles you identified in a previous assignment.
Then provide a brief description of how each may reinforce your argument.
Explain how you plan to effectively integrate evidence into the essay.
Explain how your instructor’s feedback on previous assignments has influenced your progress moving forward.
What changes did you make to your writing plan after receiving this feedback?
If you did not make changes, how did the feedback reinforce the direction of your essay?
What to Submit
Your writing plan must be 2–3 pages and must be written in MLA or APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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